Our May 2009 meeting was honored by a visit from SONS Founder Orson Bean. Orson, in Ellenville playing Gregory Solomon in Arthur Miller's THE PRICE at the Shadowland Theatre, stopped by after the Sunday Matinee to meet and greet members of our fledgling tent.

Vice-Sheik Joe Bevilacqua and Orson engage in shoptalk while a portrait of "Our Beloved Founder" (Orson as Scrooge but, as he himself remarked, looking more like Old Barnaby!).

As we reassembled in the theater, the regular toasts are given. This month's toasters include Joe Bev and Kenny Savoy (dressed to the nines; well, 8-1/2).

Grand Sheik Ray Faiola presents Orson Bean with our "Founders' Award" (reproduced below)

Click on the Award to view full size

Orson shared memories of time he spent with Stan Laurel and how he and his fellow Laurel and Hardy devotees hit on the idea of forming The Sons of the Desert. Orson couldn't have been more gracious and was extremely generous with his time.

The evening concluded with a screening of "Sons of the Desert".